Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity


Butch Rogers

11 Aug, 2015

I do not like disruptions.  I want my life to play out according to my plans, and I become irritated (sadly, irritating those around me) when my plans are disrupted.  I'm not a "go with the flow" kind of guy.  However, disruptions are a part of the human experience; "breaking news" gets our attention.  My daughter, who is a nurse, recently transferred from the emergency department to the infusion department.  She has noticed that the cancer patients are so much "nicer" than those she served in the ER.  Over the years she had to fight cynicism working in the ER, where patients tend to more agitated than those who are undergoing treatment for cancer.  Both are experiencing pain and anxiety, but the cancer patients are different.

I'm sure their are many reasons for this difference and I'm certainly not the one to explore the differences beyond a few superficial observations, one of which is that cancer patients have learned to live with the devastating disruption of cancer.  Their lives have been turned upside down and they have had to make the decision to keep on living and living well through this one of a kind disruption to their lives.   They teach us by showing us how to live with courage in the midst of uncertainty and how cope with such a horrible disrupting force. Thank God for their resilience.