Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

Multiple Choice God

Butch Rogers

15 Aug, 2015

I always liked multiple choice questions, and disliked essay questions.  The multiple choice questions required less effort to answer, and I usually had a reasonably good chance to get it right even if I wasn't sure about the answer.  Essay questions required more of me.  First, I had to think "outside the box" when providing my answer, and secondly, after I had finished with the question, I wasn't sure if I had answered it right.  Further, I either ran out of things to say or I couldn't get to a good stopping place.

All questions about God should be in an essay form.  Then the answers can be challenged because seldom are there any concise answers to questions dealing with God.  A friend and I recently had a conversation about how, in our religious tradition, all the questions about God seemingly had to be answered.  Apart from the teachings on moral principles, most sermons, Sunday school lessons and small group discussions were attempts to explain all matters pertaining to God so that those being taught could defend their faith.  Teaching that left us with unanswered questions was seldom embraced because we expected to get answers to our questions.  We went on to discuss how our beliefs have changed over the years and we still don't have answers to the "God questions".  We both agree we are ok with that.

God is

A.  Omnipotent

B.  Omniscient

C.  Omnipresent

D.  All of the above

or God is?_____________________________________________________________________________________________