Uncertain Faith

Finding the courgage to live with uncertainity

The Western Gate

Butch Rogers

14 Dec, 2015

Recently, a friend who is battling cancer penned these words.  They reflect peace in the midst of uncertainty.

  The Western Gate

We enter this life through the Eastern gate . . . as a sunrise.

A life as new as the day . . . without the burdens of having lived.

We live, on an arc of growth, joy, disappointment, elation . . . constant change.

At the end, we depart through the Western gate . . . as a sunset.

We march to the Western gate . . . sometimes heavy with burdens resulting from bad choices.

Sometimes heavy with burdens we did not choose . . . but light in spirit knowing we did our best . . .

Or at least, are forgiven for our human errors.

But, as surely as the sun sets . . . we will pass through the Western gate.

Just as we cannot look back and see what came before we passed through the Eastern gate . . .

We cannot see ahead to learn what comes beyond the Western gate.

That should not cause us to fear the passage.

Nor should we waste a moment regretting what we cannot change.

Just as we were before the Eastern gate . . . so shall we be beyond the Western gate.